Etutor iChinese is a comprehensive curriculum multimedia learning materials sync with Singapore MOE syllabus, inclusive of full year Chinese and Higher Chinese curriculum contents, pedagogy and assessment to enhance Chinese learning. It integrates traditional education model with advanced digital technology, animation and e-learning functions. Comprehensive Integration of Listening, Oral, Reading and Writing Skills. Achieve Chinese learning efficiency.

iChinese following the philosophy of the Singapore education, is a complete curriculum package that combines all essential literacy skills: listening, oral, reading and writing.It’s a combination of digital media, animation, computer, network technology and traditional teaching characteristics. By integrating high-tech teaching and learning modules, iChinese Online enable a more vivid, fun and efficient way learning of Chines language.

iChinese has been highly recommended and well-received by parents for its multimedia animation features, entertaining way to learn, auto-marking e-learning function and its highly efficient learning outcomes.




Developed in accordance to MOE Syllabus and align to school lesson plan.
24 units, inclusive of full year school textbook study unit and contents.
Support differentiated learning. E-Learning Function, Auto-marking and printing feature.
Recitation by Chinese teacher Cartoon Animation Function. Cultivate interest learning Chinese.
Focus to excel all skills of Chinese language: Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing.
·Complete lesson plan for every issue, complement school learning progress.
·Provide student with self-learning Guidance and self-assessment tool. Best Home-based learning resources.
· Animated Stories and Text based on syllabus vocabularies.
根据课文生字 / 词语编写故事 -- 课文同步:动画学习 / 篇章阅读
· After-lesson levelled assessment.
课文同步:同步训练 ( 强化 / 核心 / 深广单元 )
· Vocabulary and Penmanship Learning
课文同步: 课文字 / 词学习
· Listening Comprehension Voice-enhanced Material
听力测验: 多媒体辅助训练材料
· Oral: Read Aloud, Picture Conversation, Dialogue
· Composition Writing Practice
· Exan-based Assessment (Chinese, Higher Chinese, Foundation Chinese)
根据最新考试要求及格式编写华文练习 ( 华文 / 高级华文 / 基础华文 )
· Various Classic Stories, National Education, General Knowledge, Culture & Traditional Stories etc.
动画故事,题材多样: 经典故事、时事常识、国民教育、传统文化与价值观等础华文 )
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